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Depend on our professional team to assist with the planning and hosting of your next golf tournament. With extensive experience in planning tournaments, we ensure your event is a success.

One218 Golf is a British Golf Brand created in 2015 with the aim to help donate to charities through our beautiful sport.... golf. 

Each purchase includes a donation up to 20% to the chosen charity,


TOMO Golf is a new breed of golfing shoe. We've combined minimalistic design, premium craftsmanship, and comfort beyond compare.

COMFORT BEYOND BELIEF in every pair of golf shoes. 

And while we call it a “golf shoe”, don’t be fooled. We’ve designed this shoe to go beyond the course. From driveway to fairway is what we like to say.

Golf should be a game for anyone so we created a golf shoe for everyone. 

Ad in the Hole you put your message directly on the green, in the hole. It is an opportunity for you to be unique, different and innovative. Ad In the Hole produces custom ad-discs and ships them preinstalled in cups ready to be installed on the greens (turn key system). The ad-disc is a 4 colour, high quality resin protected disc that fit in a standard UK- style nylon hole cup.

Golf markers are designed and made from a clear, fully waterproof resin. The backs are a laminated paper allowing Golfers to write on them, while keeping them protected in the rain. Simply write and rub out, with no worries about the change of weather or readability in the wet. The markers are made from polyethylene material. We’ve put a handy handle for carrying and a hole for the pencil in the top.

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