If you love golf and have an Instagram account, you no doubt have seen the recent buzz surrounding Tomo Golf Shoes. One of the hottest new spikeless golf shoes to hit the scene in 2019, Tomo Golf is changing the way golfers embrace style and comfort on the course!

You will love Tomo Golf Shoes if…..

You value Comfort – It goes without saying that comfort is a huge priority when selecting golf shoes. Golfers walk 5-7 miles for 4-5 hours every time they tee it up, and you will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable golf shoe on the market than Tomo. The key factor in Tomo shoes is the lightweight, stretchy knit material. The knit material is made from a quality fabric and is extremely flexible, allowing the material to mold around each individual’s foot. This is a great feature as golfers with both wide and narrow feet will be able to use these shoes. The knit material also allows the shoe to breathe, as air passes through it cooling the feet and reducing moisture. Each shoe weights only 9.8 ounces which makes Tomo one of the lightest golf shoes available.

You love Fashion – Tomo Volume 1.0 currently offers four colours (Stone, Charcoal, Sand, and Forest). These colours represent several elements of the earth and give tribute to the company’s core principle of using a socially responsible method to produce the shoes. With these minimalistic and simple colour patterns, the shoes easily match with almost any outfit. Each time we wore these shoes out on the course, our playing partners immediately commented on how stylish the shoes were and how fashionable they looked. (Tomo Volume 2.0 shoes will be debuting in 2019 and feature a few more colour options)

You value Quality – When you unpackage your Tomo Golf shoes and hold them in your hands, you immediately know you are looking at something special. A lot of work goes into crafting these shoes and the supreme quality and craftsmanship is what will separate Tomo away from its competition in the coming years.

You need one shoe for the entire day – We all live busy lives. Imagine slipping on a pair of shoes and taking your dog for a walk, dropping the kids off at school, attending your weekly sales meeting, playing an afternoon nine, and grabbing dinner at your favourite restaurant……all while wearing the same pair of stylish shoes. Tomo Golf shoes are just that, a perfect shoe for the modern man & woman that look good both on and off the course!


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