TitanCad Zorro X Plus

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The Zorro S Plus becomes the Zorro X Plus and redefines the order in the premium class.

The innovative operating concept, the perfect folding technique and packing height of only 13cm are consistently geared towards the easy handling of the golf caddy.

Everything is coherent, functional and very easy to use.

The innovative remote control with gesture control and the magnetic bag holder are also available on request.

We have developed the tried-and-tested Zorro S Plus with the necessary care and, along with many other details, have given it an additional joint on the front axle.With these measures, we achieve a folding height of only 13 cm (Zorro S Plus 20cm) with the Zorro X Plus. The Zorro X Plus has a pack size of 13 cm packed in the caddy bag including wheels and battery. Important: Folded height and packed height are the same for the Zorro X Plus.

The Zorro X Plus is the ideal companion for all golfers who carry their golf caddy in the car. With these new performance data, the Zorro X Plus plays a leading role even in the top titanium caddy class due to its performance data and the fair price.

Latest Technology
The technology of the new Zorro X Plus clearly exceeds the previous range in the luxury class and sets new standards. The Zorro X Plus is equipped with the latest drive and control technology.

Magical magnetic plugs, a forward and reverse function, an electronic parking brake, an electronic differential, a switchable off-road gear, temporary freewheeling, energy recovery, sensor tip protection and a battery charge status indicator, standard functions such as start / stop button, stepless speed controller, start in The last speed, distance stop over 10, 20 and 30 meters, downhill brake, cruise control and freewheel are standard equipment.

The remote control with gesture control and the magnetic bag holder are further highlights on request.

Your new Zorro X Plus can really do everything a modern golf caddy in the premium class has to do today. You can operate the new additional functions conveniently via the rotary push button or they are activated automatically and thus support your game.

You cannot assemble and disassemble a golf caddy faster and more conveniently.

PG-Powergolf GmbH grants you a two-year warranty when purchasing a new electric trolley.

In addition, you get a five-year warranty on the frame on all titanium and stainless steel trolleys.